There are many ways in the industry to produce printed circuit boards. But you can do this in a simpler way, especially when you’re in a hurry or want to create an instant pcb project for your project. In this article, we want to guide you how you can make pcb at home at a lower cost

Tools and materials needed for the production of printed circuit boards:

Drill, Ironing, Laser printer, Glossy paper / Glossy paper, Gloves, Impregnation solution, Raw fiber, Marker, Wire dish, Wine, Wine

The PCB board stands for the Printed Circuit Board and a multi-layered copper circuit board in which all electrical and electronic components are connected together on a common wiring board and are physically supported from all components on the wiring board. They are known as PCB boards.

When the PCB circuits were not developed, all the components were connected to the wire, which increased the complexity and reduced the reliability of the circuit, so we could not build large circuits like the motherboards.

Understanding the electrical circuit is the basis for troubleshooting and circuit design. Your electric circuit introduces you to the basic concepts of electrical and electronic, and all types of electrical circuits and their constituent parts, and the rules governing the circuit. Indeed, the more information a technical work out of electrical circuits will have a higher understanding of the performance of the circuit and will be more successful in circuit analysis.

Electric circuit components may have many parts and paths for flow, but in general, each electrical circuit consists of three main components: 1. Power supply (power source); 2. Conductive wires (flow path) and 3- Resistance (consumer)

In the construction of many projects, you need to build electronic circuits. There are several ways to build an electronic circuit, connecting the components directly to the wire, you can also implement the circuit on the perforated fiber or the wiring board.

But the above methods are not always practical, and with the complexity of the circuit and the increase in the number of its members, the probability of a problem and the connection in these methods will increase. A principled method for constructing an electronic circuit design is to design a circuit diagram on copper fiber and install parts on it. In this way, thin sheets sticking on the fiber play the role of wire. This method can also be used to build very complex circuits.