Who we are?

The Department of Export and Transportation Engineering started its activity in 1395, using advanced machinery and equipment and the use of quality raw materials and specialized and trained workforce to provide services to knowledge-based collections and Activists and manufacturers of IT and electronics.
The set has the ability to assemble all sorts of electronic brushes, including DIP and SMD, and also operates in the field of supplying and distributing electronic components and selling dough patches and providing a variety of stencils used in pulp inks and is dear to dear ones. .
Devices and equipment are used for the best and most accurate and up-to-date devices and for the production of advanced electronic and computer equipment.

Our Services

Providing quality services in accordance with the standards of the day


The use of advanced and advanced machines and raw materials with a high standard and global standard, and the use of trained and experienced workforce, has resulted in services provided by the Department of Engineering at the level of global standards and are responsive to engineers and designers of the field of electronics inside. Our beloved country is Iran.

The IranCircuit GroupĀ® has been working on its own power to provide electronic assembly services with the help of advanced and fully automated assembly lines in the shortest possible time.

The Irancircuit Group, with the assistance of an experienced and trained team in this field, is ready to provide advice on the provision of automated assembly lines for electronic products, as well as the assembly of electronic boards and the provision of electronic components and consumables in this field.